Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Michael is feeling better...

The nausea finally subsided Monday night and Michael has had a couple of good days. Unfortunately, chemo is a day early this week (tomorrow) because of the holiday on Friday. Let's hope his little body reacts better this week.

On Monday, Michael started in a summer pre-school program called SACC. It is offered through our local YMCA and he is thoroughly enjoying it. He even asks to go early so that he can have breakfast there. The kids go swimming, play soccer, play in a giant sandbox, do crafts and much more. The way mine and Jeff''s work schedules work out, we don't really need daycare every day but opted for the summer pre-school program for a couple of reasons. The most important being that there is still some concern (and will be until Michael is an adolescent) of learning difficulties from the brain tumor and subsequent surgery. We haven't seen any problems up to this point (and we are very thankful for that) but thought that a continued, structured learning environment for the summer wouldn't hurt.

Of course, Michael had double the excitement today. Before he even got to go to SACC, one of these showed up in our driveway to work -

Michael went and put his work boots on and sat and watched the workers pour our new sidewalk (just to make sure they did it right I'm sure). And last night, a mini-trachoe went by the house to work on our neighbors new in-ground pool and now Michael wants a pool so it can come and work at our house, too!

Unfortunately, even with all that fun today, Michael had a pretty bad night this evening and I am not sure why. He came right in the house when we got home and really didn't have any desire to go outside and play. That is just not like him. Usually we have to fight to get him in the house at night. Then he started crying and saying he didn't want to go to treatment tomorrow. I think that might be because he doesn't want to miss SACC. Or it could just be that his treatment is not on Friday which is out of his routine and has thrown him for a loop.

Then tonight, we had a NY State Trooper stop and ask us if we've had any problems at our home and I told her "no". She told me that our neighbor, 2 houses down, had some vandalism on his property. The neighbor thinks it is one of the neighborhood kids that he had had a run in with recently. This really upset Michael. He was afraid someone was going to come to our house and steal or break our things. I assured him that we are perfectly safe here but I had to show him that all of the doors were locked before he would settle down and go to sleep. Let's hope he forgets about that visitor by morning and doesn't have any nightmares tonight.

Keep your fingers crossed that everything goes well tomorrow. It will just be Michael and Daddy making the trip (I am going to stay at work). I will update everyone tomorrow night. Please keep Michael in your thoughts and prayers, JoAnne

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Susie Harris said...

Im praying that this treatment will go fine with little or no sickness. Im glad he got to see the big trucks. It makes me giggle to see how much he loves all of that stuff. What a little boy! Blessing to yall.. Susie H~