Sunday, July 20, 2008

July 20th...

July 20th has a lot of significance for our family - a lot of it is wonderful but some of it is not so wonderful.

Six years ago today, Jeff and I exchanged wedding vows at a romantic castle on an island surrounded by those closest to us. We picked this date to start our new life together because it is the day my parents got married, my brother and sister-in-law exchanged vows and most recently, my nephew took a bride.

Unfortunately all of those happy occurrences were overshadowed one year ago today when our world came crashing down around us. You see, that was the day we headed home from our Vermont vacation with a little boy that was sick - we just didn't know how sick but we would soon find out.

July 20th, 2007 was the day that Michael was admitted to our local hospital where we were told that the episodes we had been witnessing were partial seizures. And the night would close with our pediatrician gently telling us that the CT-scan that had been done earlier in the evening showed a mass in Michael's brain and that he should be transferred to Rochester immediately for more specialized care. And so began our year of darkness and uncertainty.

And that brings us to today, July 20th, 2008. This dawn is returning this date on the calender back to happy memories for us as we wait for the limousine to arrive to take us to the airport where we will head to California. As you know, we recently learned that Michael's arduous treatments are working and the tumor is shrinking. And now, through the generosity of others, our family can get away from the daily strain of doctor's appointments, needles, medicines and tests and celebrate the future that is looking brighter than it has in a year.

Please keep Michael in your thoughts and prayers, JoAnne


Deb said...

JoAnne, Praise God! that's wonderful news of Michael's condition. I glad too that you're able to get away for a while. Michael will always be in my thoughts and prayers. Enjoy your trip, I pray it's a safe one. Deb

Lisa said...

Congratulations on the anniversary, cherish every precious moment with your wonderful husband. While the other anniversary may be bittersweet, there is still great cause to celebrate as even the tough times have brought you closer as a family. Enjoy your get away and celebrate fully. You deserve it!