Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Michael's wish is coming true...

We're on our way to Disneyland in California to meet Darby thanks to the generosity of the Central New York Make-A-Wish Foundation!! We will be heading west this Sunday, the 20th and returning home Saturday, the 26th. Michael's wish girls, Tammy and Cheryl (with help from Tammy's brother, Tim) threw Michael a surprise announcement party tonight to officially announce the wish. Unfortunately, we discovered Michael doesn't like surprises - but he warmed up after a while.

Jeff's Mom came and picked Michael up after work so that everything could be set up in secret. Tammy and Cheryl turned our backyard into the 100 Acre Woods as they laid out blankets, tablecloths and a whole family of Teddy Bears. Then they added decorations and set up a smorgasbord of pizza, fresh fruits and vegetables, chips and dip and plenty of drinks. A selection of Disney tunes played in the background.

Then all of our family (that lives locally) arrived and we waited for the guest of honor to come home. The 2 ladies on the left in the picture below are Tammy and Cheryl.

And as I said, Michael was overwhelmed when he arrived and saw everyone waiting for him. He went up on the deck and I talked to him for a minute before he finally understood what was going on and happily joined the party.

After our picnic dinner, there was a gift for Michael from Darby.

And you will never guess what it was - a karaoke machine and a stack of karaoke CD's! Michael was thrilled. When we set up the machine, he told Brian that this was the best day of his life.

And then to wrap up the party we had cake delivered by Pooh himself. (That is really Tim but sshhh... don't tell Michael.)

There was a little singing, a little dancing and a whole lot of fun at our home tonight. And now we will count down the hours until Jeff, Michael, Jenny, Brian and I begin our week long adventure. Of course, I will take my laptop and share all the details as they happen so check back often.

Please keep Michael in your thoughts and prayers, JoAnne.

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Susie Harris said...

Im just so exicited I could cheer!!!! but it's midnight here so I will save it for in the morning...Yeah!!!!! Im so happy for all of you... I hope to see lots of pictures!!!! ((hugs))... Dreams do come true!... smilessss Susie