Thursday, July 3, 2008

Chemo went well today...

Jeff and Michael went to Syracuse this morning for Michael's appointment. But first they stopped by the home of one of Jeff's co-workers and his wife who had bought Michael a couple of stuffed animals to take to the hospital today. And when my guys got home, the postman had delivered a package that had made it's way from Aunt Denise and cousin Jame's home in Alaska.

Michael's counts were good and his exam didn't show anything to contraindicate chemo so he received his treatment as scheduled. Jeff said Michael had a snack and fell asleep shortly after his meds were started (as usual).

The staff had ordered lunch for Michael and since he was asleep when it arrived, he ate it in the car on the way home. And I guess he was still hungry so they stopped at Wendy's for chicken nuggets and mandarin oranges - which he finished with no problem. That still didn't fill Michael up and he ate a big helping of sweet and sour chicken and fried rice for dinner. Also, he and I sat on our new patio and had some ice cream a little while ago. And as I am typing this, he is in the kitchen with Daddy getting a freeze pop. I hope all of that is a good sign that this weekend is going to be better for our little buddy than last weekend.

It was pretty rainy here all day so I think Michael wasn't as sad about missing SACC (since they wouldn't be swimming or playing outside in the giant sand box). Michael also told Jeff about the police woman that stopped last night and he was much calmer about the whole thing in the light of day.

Jeff and I both have a long weekend so we have lots of things planned. And if Michael is feeling well, he has requested we go to the beach tomorrow. I will post sometime over the weekend to let everyone know how Michael is feeling. Please keep Michael in your thoughts and prayers, JoAnne


Scooterblu's Whimsy said...

Hi Joanne, So glad that Michael is doing better and did well with his chemo today! I hope tomorrow finds you at the beach, having a wonderful day celebrating the 4th! Hope you will share pictures! :)

Thank you so much for encouraging support during our crisis with David! He is doing well and will go back Monday, for a permanent cast.

Have a great weekend! Praying that Michael tolerates the chemo better than the last! :)
Hugs, Rhonda

Susie Harris said...

You go Michael!!!! Im so glad that he is eating everything in sight. That has just made my day! I will continue to pray that he keeps this up and this will be a great weekend for all of you. Please give him a (((hug))) for me! Susie H~