Tuesday, July 22, 2008

We're in California...

Sorry I haven't blogged but we couldn't access the internet Sunday and yesterday and today have been super busy. I will give you a quick update and write in more detail (with pictures) later.

The limo picked us up right on time and Michael had a ball on the ride to the airport. There were cool lights throughout the limo and they had juice boxes and soda set up in the mini-bar. It was definitely a more luxurious trip to Syracuse then we do on Fridays.

We sailed through security and the check in. Cheryl and Michelle from Make-A-Wish were there to see us off. Then the flight attendant came and took Michael took check out the cockpit before anyone else boarded. Michael enjoyed the flight. In fact - he said that it was the "bestest day of his life" while we were in the air. We changed planes in Cincinnati and everything went smoothly. We thought Michael would fall asleep on this leg of the trip (4 hours) but he didn't. He was WAY too excited.

We landed in Los Angeles and picked up our luggage, caught a shuttle to our rental car and found our hotel with no problem. After we settled in we had dinner at our hotel and went for a swim. Jeff and I took a walk to check out Downtown Disney , which was awesome. Then we went to bed fairly early (early California time, not New York time!) .

Monday morning Michael woke up and didn't feel very well. Over the last week, the Vincristine side effects started showing up. Michael has been walking with "heavy" feet. He woke up during the night Sunday and complained of the "sand" feelings in his hands and yesterday morning, he had terrible pains in his stomach. And although he was somewhat cranky - we headed to Disneyland bright and early.

We took the monorail and Michael was thrilled (he calls it the bullet train like the one in Japan he wants to ride someday). We tried to get him interested in some of the rides but he just wanted to meet Darby. So we headed to the Wish Lounge early and waited for his character meet and greet (which we thought was going to be Darby).

Pooh, Tigger and Eyeore came and Michael was shy at first but eventually warmed up. He even played a game of Candyland with them. When I asked if Darby would be coming, we were told that there was no Darby. I asked if she would be here later this week and was told I misunderstood, there is no Darby at Disneyland. Needless to say, Michael spent the whole day looking for Darby and asking when he was going to meet her and we didn't know what to tell him.

So, I called Make-A-Wish back home and they checked with the Los Angeles chapter and were told that Michael wouldn't be "meeting" Darby at all. He was going to meet Handy Manny at Disney's California Adventure who would escort him to the Playhouse Disney Live Show. There he could watch a Darby puppet but wouldn't be able to interact with her.

Michael enjoyed meeting Handy Manny and the show was a lot of fun but it wasn't what he wished for. I don't want to complain because this trip is incredible and was very generous of Make-A-Wish but I would be lying if I didn't say we are all disappointed (especially Michael) that Michael won't be meeting Darby (and I will leave it at that).

We spent most of the day at Disney's California Adventure and had great time (we all liked it better than Disneyland). We came back to the hotel for a while. We are all rested and cooled off now and are going to go for a swim and then head back to the park.

The rest of the week, we are going to buy another ticket to go to the Disney parks for another day, visit Legoland and check out one of the beaches. I will post again if I get a chance but time seems to be flying. Please keep Michael in your thoughts and prayers, JoAnne


Deb said...

Hi JoAnne, Wow! California, I don't think I will ever make it there. It's so nice to find out about different places through others. I have been to Disney in Florida it was super fun! I'm sorry that Michael didn't get to see Darby the way that he wanted and I'm sorry he's not feeling very well. He his always in my prayers and so are you. Deb

Susie Harris said...

I wish I knew this Darby cause I sure would try to get it for him... poor thing.. Hope he is feeling better and can enjoy... take care.. Susie h~

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