Tuesday, August 28, 2007

We've settled in...

Well, we are finally back into a normal routine at home. Michael is back to himself. He had a good day yesterday until dinner time. Then he complained his stomach hurt and was out of sorts until bedtime. Today he was wonderful all day. He played with his toys and did a couple of crafts. He seems to know his limits. He squats to pick things up as he says it hurts his head to bend over. It also hurts if he laughs, sneezes or coughs. The doctor says this is normal because doing those things increases the pressure in the head.

We were kind of concerned because Michael wouldn't talk about his head, his incision or his hair. If you tried to talk to him, he would get upset and go in the other room. Today he talked about it and even asked some questions. His hair is starting to grow back already so I think that makes him feel better.

We went to see Dr. Swan today. Michael was apprehensive and kept asking if she was going to do anything to him or give him any medicine. We had to reassure him that she just wanted to see him. She came in the room and put him right at ease. Michael gave her a big hug. He said she is his favorite doctor (ours too) and that she is pretty.

Next step is to have the stitches removed Thursday. We know he isn't going to like gong back to Rochester. Especially since Dr. Pilcher's office is right in the hospital. Hopefully that will be the last thing he has to endure other than periodic MRI's. I'll post here Thursday night and let everyone know how it went. JoAnne

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