Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Not much news...

So not much has changed. We were all able to go in and see Michael (in shifts) this afternoon in PICU. Most of the time he was asleep, but we woke up a few times - but really wasn't very talkative. He told the nurse his head wasn't hurting (thank you morphine!) and would answer their questions during their hourly exams.

The PICU attending told us that Michael should be able to go to the progressive care unit after 24 hours. This was the unit he was on during his last stay, so it will be nice to see some familar faces. One of the nurses recognized Mom and Jeff in the hallway and stopped to ask after Michael, which was really nice. The doctor also said they might be able to take off the bandages for a little while tomorrow to let it air out. One of the first things Michael said when he woke up was asking us to take his hat off, so he should like that.

Hope everyone has a good night. We'll update again tomorrow when we know anything new.

You can't really tell in the photo, but the sensor on Michael's finger glows red just like E.T. We'll have to watch the movie with him soon!

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Linda Streets said...

Bryson had a "glowing foot". It showed up in some of the photos. I had never sent it before, but I guess it shows them some information on the respiration (I think that is what they said?)

Hope things continue to improve and the news continues to be positive.