Thursday, August 23, 2007

Day two post-op...

As Dr. Pilcher predicted, today was not one of Michael's best days. He got very little sleep last night. He was very uncomfortable, irritable and inconsolable. It didn't get much better with daybreak. He got his appetite back and actually ate a good breakfast then they told us he was having an MRI under general anesthesia this afternoon and couldn't eat anymore.

Around 1:30 pm Michael was begging to eat and asking us why we were letting him starve to death. It wasn't a pretty scene and tensions were pretty high. They finally took him down around 2:20 pm and he was gone until 5 pm. When he came back up his bandages were gone and Jeff & I almost didn't recognize him. His mood was a lot better and we actually saw quite a bit of "our" Michael.

They shaved his entire head, which is actually better than them just shaving a patch. The incision is a LOT bigger than we expected and the right side of his face and his is swollen terribly. I talked to Michael's nurse and she told me to expect the swelling to get worse before it gets better.

Michael can feel the ends of the threads of his stitches and keeps trying to pull at them. We told him tonight (in very simple terms) what the doctor did to fix him. He cried a little. He hasn't seen himself in the mirror yet and we want to keep it that way as long as we can. We're hoping he will be better able to handle what he will see when he is feeling better.

Tomorrow we hope to take him out on the playdeck as he asked to go outside all day today. We should also find out the results of the MRI. We don't expect there to be much news since it was done mostly as a base for future MRI's.

Michael has been sleeping quite peacefully for about an hour. A good nights sleep will be good for him. Thanks to everybody that has posted comments or emailed. The support of our family and friends has really made a difference. I'll post again tomorrow. JoAnne


Anonymous said...

just to let you know we are thinking of michael and your whole family. the Babcock family (Alex Babcock) friend from daycare.

Anonymous said...

Hi guys! Glad to hear things are going good. Your in my thoughts everyday. Wish I could be there for you. Take care and hope to see you soon. Love Ya! Kathie

Kathy said...

I am sure glad for your daily posts. The pictures are special.
Hope Michael is feeling better today.
Lots of prayers to you all.

Anonymous said...

To the VanBrocklin from the Pfisters in Florida

Tell Mikey that Popa and Bonnie are thinking about him every day. He is so well behaved and so well mannered. We loved seeing him this summer at Patti's. Please give him a hug for us. We watch the updates every day.

Our prayers are with your whole family.

Bonnie & Popa Bill Pfister