Thursday, August 23, 2007

Here are some more pictures

Michael had a good morning - he had eaten two bowls of cereal before Brian and I made it to the hospital this morning. Unfortunately, he had an MRI scheduled for this afternoon around two, so he wasn't allowed to eat for the rest of the day. That didn't go over so well, and he was pretty upset and hungry by the time they had come to get him for the MRI. The MRI was done to establish exactly how much of the tumor was left in his brain, so they can determine if it grows in the future.

After the MRI though, things went much better. When Michael came back, his bandage was off. We almost didn't recognize him at first. His head was completely shaved for the surgery, and his scar is in a stretched-out question mark shape, starting right at his hair line, going back past his ear, and looping around and coming down right in front of his right ear. I think I counted about 65 stitches.

When Michael came back from the MRI, he was just like normal: the happy, talkative little boy we hadn't really seen in a few days. He told us he had to start eating better after these past couple of days and had two more bowls of cereal, an ice cream cup, two popsicles, and some applesauce. He seems to have his appetite back!

Mom and Dad explained to Michael that there was something bad in his head that was making him sick and the doctors had taken it out. He seemed to take this pretty well and didn't ask any questions. When he was told they had cut all his hair, he said that was good, he'd just have to get it cut again anyways! He's felt his scar a few times, but I don't think he realized what it was. Now that his bandages are off, you can tell there is a bit of swelling on the right side of his face, and his nurse said it'll probably be like that for a little while still.

Except for the little bit in the middle though, it was a good day. We're hoping he'll feel up to going to the playdeck tomorrow for the hospital carnival, or at least into the playroom next door for some crafts.

Here are some more pictures from today. Good night.

Eating breakfast with Dad; Taking a naps with Jenny

Watching TV with Brian and Mom

Eating dinner and another popsicle


Anonymous said...

thanks for keeping us updated. We are thinking about you all and pray each day gets progressively better.

Sally and Ralph

Anonymous said...

I'm glad to hear Michael is feeling better. I hope it stays that way. I think about him every day and I hope he'll be home soon.

I love you Michael!


Anonymous said...

What a little trooper! I'm glad you have this Website, because we think about Michael all the time - it's nice to be able to check on his progress daily. We hope he continues to feel better each day and can go home soon!

Jocelyn, Jason & Jack