Friday, August 24, 2007

Day three post-op...

Michael had a great night. He woke up a couple times but was quiet and went right back to sleep. He even had a bowl of cereal at 2:00 am (and I thought we were done with 2 am feedings).

When Daddy got here and Michael had had some breakfast, we went for a walk down to the play deck. Michael practically ran down the hall and was kicking a ball back and forth with Jenny. It was good to see him so full of energy and nerve wracking at the same time. I guess we will spend the next couple of months holding our breath, afraid he might fall and hit his head.

After that, we took one of the kid carts outside and went for a walk. Unfortunately, instead of satisfying Michael's need to go outside, it made him want to go home all the more. He spent quite a bit of the afternoon crying to go home until they gave him something to sleep (which he is doing now).

Now for the update from the doctors. We are going home first thing in the morning!! In fact, Michael is doing so well, they wanted to send him home today but Jeff & I weren't comfortable with that. We have to come back next Thursday so Dr. Pilcher can remove his stitches but I think Michael will be glad to get home. He is worried about Chance (the dog) & Midnight (the rabbit).

I will post tomorrow and let everybody know if we do go home.

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