Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Day one post-op...

Michael & Mom didn't have a very restful night. Unfortunately Michael's stomach is very upset from the anesthesia and all the medications he is on. He was sick several times during the night. Fortunately he rested some in between episodes of nausea. There were also some problems with his catheter, so he was jostled around a lot while we changed his bedding. Also, when his pain would increase, so would his blood pressure so the alarms on his monitor went off quite a bit during the night.

Dr. Pilcher was in around 7:30 am and is very pleased with how Michael is doing. He was amazed at how uncomplaining he is. He told Michael he is the best patient in the hospital. Michael has some swelling of the face & head so they are going to come back and loosen his dressing in a little while.

His nurse said that the goal today is to get Michael out of bed and maybe have him take some clear liquids. They are going to remove his catheter and arterial line, which is good since both had problems during the night. The arterial line is a sensor that is in the artery in his wrist and is how they have been monitoring his blood pressure. He will keep his IV and ECG leads for now.

The residents did their morning report right outside Michael's room so Mom got to eavesdrop on what the doctors really say when they don't know the patient is listening. They really think he is doing well and can't get over what a wonderful patient he is. His white blood cell count was elevated but apparently is coming down.

Right now Michel is sleeping peacefully and I am waiting for Dad to get here so I can take a shower and get dressed. If we hear anything new, we will let you know. Keep thinking of Michael. JoAnne

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