Friday, May 16, 2008

Today was a short visit to the hospital...

Michael didn't' have to have chemo today (this was the first week of his 2 week break) - he just had to have his blood counts checked and he was checked over by Dr. Kennedy. The nurses drew Michael's blood with a finger stick so he didn't have to have his port accessed. Everything looked good. The counts that were low last week are coming back up. Michael has had a runny nose, a barky cough and has been really cranky most of the week. Dr. Kennedy said that he just has a cold and it will run it's course. She didn't see any sign of infection or allergies. Hopefully he will be better in a couple of days.

After we left the hospital, we took advantage of the fact that Michael wasn't sick or tired from chemo and stopped at a few of our favorite stores that we don't have locally (okay - my favorite stores). Then we went to Olive Garden for an early dinner because Michael wanted bread sticks, pa-scetti (better known as spaghetti) and TWO meatballs. And when the waitress asked if anyone wanted dessert, Michael piped right up and said he'd have "plain, white ice cream, please." And then he ate 2 scoops of that also. It certainly wasn't our "normal" Friday!

While we were at the hospital, Britney invited us to a breakfast party at one of the Syracuse malls Sunday morning. She said it is just for kids and their families in Unit 5C and one other unit at the hospital and that the staff will also be there. There will be a breakfast and then each of the kids will get a chance to build and dress a "Build A Bear". Michael is excited so we will head down early Sunday morning. I will try to get some pictures to share with everyone Sunday night. In the meantime - please keep Michael in your thoughts and prayers, JoAnne

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