Sunday, May 4, 2008

It's party time...

(Michael and his cousin, Kira)

Today we had a small party for Michael to celebrate his 5th birthday (which is officially Wednesday). Most of our family was able to make it. Jenny & Ralph were still home for the weekend and Jeff's Dad made it from Rochester. Unfortunately Brian had to work but was able to visit Michael this morning, before going to work. We also had a few of our closest friends join us.

We had planned on a cookout but unfortunately the weather didn't cooperate. It was cold and rainy all day so we cooked the meat outside but ate inside. And to top it all off, we enjoyed a Tigger and Pooh cake with a side of ice cream.

Michael enjoyed all of his presents (and of course there were many!) He received a stuffed Darby and Buster, a tractor, Disney CD's, a John Deere tractor, some clothes and a bunch of outdoor toys like a toy helicopter, squirt gun, a rocket launcher and a catching game. He also got a handheld V-smile unit and several games from Brian. (V-smile are educational video games.) That will be nice for helping to pass the time at chemo. Actually, I have seen a few of the kids in the unit playing with those.

Michael had a good day. I think he really enjoyed his party. He had a lot of energy and I think he felt pretty well. He didn't have much of an appetite, but that is standard for Sunday. I will post later this week after Michael has his little adventure. Please keep Michael in your thoughts and prayers, JoAnne

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