Monday, May 26, 2008

A feeling of deja-vu....

Michael had a pretty good week - well, mostly. He felt good with the exception of a 24-hour flu bug that swept through the house. Michael had it Thursday afternoon through Friday. I came down with it Friday around lunch time and Jeff came home from work with it Saturday afternoon. It started with a fever accompanied by a terrible headache and progressed into feeling like you were run over by a train. I am happy to say, we are all better now. In fact, Michael commented on Saturday how good he has been feeling.

It's funny - Michael keeps asking when he goes back to chemo. It has become such a "normal" routine for us, I think he feels disoriented on the weeks we don't go to Syracuse. But, don't despair, we had a trip to the hospital this week anyway.

Our neighbors (who, as I have mentioned, are our very good friends) were out of town for the weekend and we were watching their cats for them. Michael LOVES cats of any sort so he likes when we take care of their cats. Last night, I was in the garage refinishing our new bed when Jeff and Michael came walking back up the road from checking on Michael's furry friends. I heard Michael crying and I thought he was upset to leave the cats but unfortunately I was very wrong.

As they got closer, Jeff said "I think we have to make a trip to the emergency room. Michael cut his leg open". Jeff likes to tease me about a lot of things, including our trip to the hospital 3 weeks ago for Michael's cut thumb so I thought he was pulling my leg. He wasn't. It seems Michael was running back home and fell. (He has been running a lot this last week since he has felt so good and is so full of natural little boy energy.) When he got up, Jeff said he noticed a "little blood" on our buddy's knee. Then he picked Michael up and noticed a really deep cut about an inch long right on the bend of the knee.

We brought Michael in the house, cleaned up the wound and got the bleeding under control. Then we headed once again to the emergency room. Michael was distraught and was convinced he would never be able to walk again. When we assured him that Mommy and Daddy had cut their knees as children and that we walk just fine, he calmed down.

The physician's assistant that we saw said that he couldn't have done it on a worse part of the knee. He was concerned he wouldn't be able to get it to close and stay closed but he did. He had Michael bend his knee, he held the cut closed very tight and glued it like crazy. And I am happy to say, so far it has held. Michael has had a quiet day but is walking just fine and doesn't seem to have a lot of pain. Jeff and I decided we need to get some of that special superglue (called Dermabond) and keep it handy. And some tranquilizers for Mom and Dad wouldn't be too bad either.

(At least this wound isn't quite as ugly as the thumb was.)

It is back to chemo again this Friday. And according to my schedule, Michael is due for his antibiotic infusion also. I will post again next weekend and let everyone know how he does unless something comes up in the meantime. And the way our luck has been lately, you never know. Please keep Michael in your thoughts and prayers, JoAnne

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