Monday, March 10, 2008

You'll never guess what Michael wants for his wish...

The ladies from Make-A-Wish, Tammy and Cheryl, came to the house tonight. They brought Michael a toy dump truck and a tool set. Then they spent a couple of hours talking to and playing with Michael. They were great. They brought a notebook entitled "Michael's Wish Book". Cheryl had Michael draw pictures to answer a series of questions.

The first question was "If I could be anything, I would be..." Michael's answer was a construction worker and a firefighter. No surprises there!

The second question was "If I could have anything, I would like to have..." To this question, Michael answered a bulldozer, a snowplow, a front-end loader and magnetic letters. I'm not sure how the magnetic letters fit in.

The third question was "If I could go anywhere, I would go..." Michael's answer was he would like to go to Stowe, VT. Stowe is where we go on vacation every summer and he really enjoys it. We stay at a resort and do absolutely nothing but swim, play, go for walks, site-see, etc. I think this was a hard question because at 4 years old, Michael doesn't know a lot about geography and all the wonderful things there are to see in the world.

And, the last question was "If I could meet anyone, I would like to meet..." Michael would like to meet Darby from "My Friends Tigger and Pooh". That wasn't a big surprise either. Michael says Darby is his girlfriend and he talks about her all the time. (She is the little redhead in the picture to the right.)

Then Cheryl gave Michael a star sticker and told him if he could have a secret wish - a big wish for anything in the world - which one of the things he drew in his book, would he like to be, have, go or meet the most and he put the sticker next to meeting Darby. Since Darby is a Disney character, Tammy and Cheryl told us about the special program they have at Disney World for Make-A-Wish kids. Cheryl explained to Michael that Disney World was a special place where all the cartoon characters lived and he got pretty excited. He came over to me and asked if he could tell me a secret and I said sure. He whispered "I'm going to meet Darby."

Soooo... It looks like we could be going to Disney World. Jeff & I are both shocked. We never, in a million years, thought he'd choose Disney World. We thought for sure he'd be riding construction equipment somewhere! There is only one hitch - Darby is a relatively new Disney character (just since last fall) so they don't know how much there would be of her character at Disney World. Tammy and Cheryl are going to look into it. They also want us to talk to Michael some more over the next couple of days to make sure that is really what he wants. I'll keep everyone posted. JoAnne

P.S. Michael felt better today. He still didn't eat much but he went to school and didn't have any problems.

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