Wednesday, March 5, 2008

It's been a pretty good week...

Michael has had a pretty good week. The fever he had Sunday afternoon broke early in the evening. Monday, Jeff & I went to work like normal. Michael went to daycare in the morning and then it was off to school after lunch. Shortly after Michael got off the bus, I received a phone call from the school nurse saying he was having a bad day. I was concerned because she said he had a fever of 99.9 degrees. He was crying and asking for me so I went and picked him up. (BTW- the school nurse thinks Michael is a "pip" and one of the smartest 4 year olds she has ever seen.) We came home, had a quiet afternoon and his temperature went back to normal. And, thankfully it has stayed that way for the last couple of days.

Michael's appetite has been better the last couple of days than it has been in a couple of weeks. What a relief! I am sure his appetite will decrease again after his treatment on Friday but at least he had a couple of days of hearty meals. He still complains that some things taste funny but it is my understanding that is not unexpected. He is also having a terrible time brushing his teeth. He says he can't open his mouth but I think it is more that his teeth and gums hurt when he brushes them.

I spoke to the nurse case manager from our insurance company yesterday and she said that when she worked in a pediatric oncology unit they had "toothettes" for the children. They were sponges on a stick and were gentler on their little mouths. She is checking with some medical suppliers to see if she can get some for us. I just don't want Michael to get any cavities and have to have dental work on top of everything else.

Tuesday night Michael started playing soccer. It is a 6 week program at our local YMCA for 3 and 4 year olds. He played in this program 2 years ago also. The first night started out slowly. Michael didn't join in with the other kids and was just kind of moping around. We were just getting ready to pull him off the field and take him home when a little girl took him by the hand and got him to join in. We found out later that she was a little girl from his Pre-K class. She kept her eye on Michael for the rest of the class and made sure he was never too far from her. It was so cute to watch. Michael perked right up and started playing with all his little heart.

After soccer, we made a stop at our local Home Depot. Jeff and Michael went off to have a key made and I was looking at some moldings. Next thing I know, I hear "would Jeff & JoAnne please report to aisle 28 near the mill work" over the loud speaker. I went a couple of aisles over and saw Michael standing with a handful of Home Depot employees, looking absolutely pitiful. He wandered away from Daddy to find me but I wasn't where they had left me. I don't think he will try that again!

Michael had his second swimming lesson tonight and he really is a natural. He just loves swimming! The instructors had the kids swimming all over the pool and Michael did so without hesitation. They had "floaties" on their backs and "noodles" under their arms but he was kicking and paddling up a storm.

It is back to the full chemo treatment on Friday. Let's hope his neutrophil counts are back up to acceptable ranges. I will post and let everyone know how it goes. Also, we received a call from Michael's "wish granters" tonight and they are coming to meet and interview Michael Sunday afternoon. I am anxious to see what his wish will be. We haven't talked to him about it too much because we don't want to put any ideas in his head. We want the wish to be exactly what he wants. Please keep Michael in your thoughts and prayers, JoAnne

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