Sunday, March 16, 2008

It's a typical Sunday...

Michael really hasn't eaten much since Friday night. We ask him what he wants to eat... make him all his favorites... he gets excited and comes to the table but then just has no appetite. He says everything tastes funny. He doesn't seem to have any nausea this weekend though, so that's good. Yesterday, he had a bowl of cereal around 5pm and some ice cream and half a brownie around 7pm. And that was just about it for the day. I think we are entering the "Anything That Has Calories That We Can Get Past His Lips Is A Balanced Diet" phase of chemo. Today isn't look much better.

Michael also has a stuffy and runny nose and he said he just doesn't feel good. Jeff took his temperature a little while ago and he has a fever of 99.8 degrees again. Maybe the fever is just going to be our regular weekend after chemo routine. Michael and I were coloring a little while ago and he kept shaking his hand. I asked him what was wrong and he said he had "that sand feeling" in the tips of a couple of his fingers and was trying to wake them up. And we can thank the Vincristine for that little side effect.

Yesterday, Michael had plenty of energy (in spite of not eating). We painted our den (a.k.a. Brian's old bedroom) and he was a big help. Usually with those type of projects, Michael helps for about 20 minutes and then gets bored and abandons us in favor of playing with his toys. Yesterday, he took one short break and then helped us the rest of the time. So, if you come to spend the night in our den and you see some "brush marks" on the wall, we hope you will understand that it is the product of a wonderful family afternoon.

We are going to spend a quiet day at home today. Which is a good idea since it is snowing like crazy again today. My Dad just called and is on his way to see us - something he has done almost every Sunday since we lost my Mom 4 years ago. Please keep Michael in your thoughts and prayers, JoAnne

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