Saturday, March 29, 2008

And with that, the induction phase is over...

Yesterday Michael and Jeff went to Syracuse for Michael to receive treatment # 10 which marks the end of the intense induction phase. I stayed behind as I had a lot of work to do at the office. Jeff said Michael's counts were good. But, he also said Dr. Kennedy commented during his physical that all of Michael's reflexes are gone. She did a new neurological test on the muscles in his legs and said that they still look good though.

Michael is feeling very well today. He has had no nausea and even ate a big breakfast. Jeff said that Michael ate almost nonstop on their trip to and from the hospital yesterday. In fact, he was afraid that he was going to run out of snacks in the bag! They also arrived at the hospital early so that they could eat lunch in the cafeteria before heading up to the oncology unit. Jeff is working days today but I have a feeling when I talk to him he is going to tell me that they "dripped" Michael's meds yesterday. I can see the difference in him. He is not sick like he was the last two weeks when they changed their routine and "pushed" his meds.

Michael and I have a surprise project we are going to work on today. I will post details and pictures when we are done. We may also go over to the YMCA later to practice swimming since he is feeling so well. There was an announcement in the local paper that the ice cream shop down the road opened yesterday so we can stop on the way home for the first ice cream cone of the season. (Although that seems pretty silly since it snowed on and off all day yesterday and the ground is all covered in that yucky white stuff again.)

Michael has the next two weeks off from chemo but I will post periodically to let everyone know how he is doing. Please keep Michael in your thoughts and prayers, JoAnne

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