Thursday, February 14, 2008

There's been a change of opinion...

When Michael woke up this morning, the line that was a bright red last night had turned more of a brownish red (kind of like a healing bruise). We began to suspect that it wasn't an infection of his port but an injury (actually Jeff thought it was a bruise last night). Michael had said last night that he fell and hit his port but we didn't think he hit it hard enough to cause the bloody line. Also, if someone hugs him a little too tight, he cries that it hurts his port. We didn't think he could injure it without some distress. The line also showed up within minutes of him saying he fell and we thought that a "bruise" would take longer to appear.

I talked to Dr. Swan this morning and she didn't think that was possible that it was anything but an infection and wanted to see it for herself. Michael and I went to her office this afternoon and she agrees it looks like a bruise. She said she wouldn't have believed it if she hadn't seen it herself! She also checked with the lab at the hospital while we were with her and there are no bacteria growing in his blood culture - which is a good sign.

We are anxious to go to Syracuse tomorrow to have the doctors and nurses there tell us what they think. And Dr. Swan wants us to keep giving Michael the antibiotic until Dr. Kennedy examines him tomorrow and gives us her opinion. They will also access the port to draw blood and that will reassure us that he didn't dislodge the catheter. Dr. Swan also wants us to talk to them about giving Michael iron supplements through his port since his bloodwork shows that he is anemic.

Michael is enjoying himself with his big brother tonight (as you can see in the picture above). Brian came over to "borrow" our garage so that he could install a remote car starter for a friend of his. I don't know if Michael is being a help or a hindrance but he is certainly enjoying himself.

I will post again tomorrow night after we get home from Syracuse and let everyone know what Dr. Kennedy says. Keep Michael in your thoughts and prayers, JoAnne


Anonymous said...


So glad to hear that Michael is doing better and that it does not seem to be an infection!! Hopefully he is not minding the strawberry taste too much, if he's still taking the medication!! You have done a beautiful job constructing this site!! Take care!! Jen

Michael said...


Michael's doctors are ALL glad it is not an infection, too. Apparently they were all very concerned. He takes the strawberry medicine just fine. I guess it is just cherry he doesn't like! Thanks for stopping by our site. JoAnne