Wednesday, February 6, 2008

It's report card time...

Michael brought home his second report card yesterday and his Dad & I are very proud of him. He made improvements in many categories and maintained the ones that he had already done well in. In addition, his teacher wrote the following wonderful comment:

"Michael seems enthusiastic about learning and he's widened his circle of friends. He's very caring and protective of those closest to him. It warms the heart to watch that."

We're glad that there doesn't seem to be any of the learning or social problems we were so worried about just a few months ago! In fact, Michael & I have started working in some learn to read books that Jenny picked up for us. Life for us may not be what many 4 year olds and their families have, but then Michael has experienced extraordinary things for his young age.

Before bed last night, Michael brought out his play medical kit. He told me it was time for my "treatment". He scrubbed my tummy where my "port" was until it was "squeaky clean". Then he used his play syringe to draw some of my blood. After he checked my blood, he proclaimed that it looked good enough for me to receive my treatment. He looked at my "chart" to see what the doctor had ordered and then he gave me my medicine with his syringe. He told me it wouldn't hurt and I could take a nap while I received my medicine if I wanted. After I had gotten all my meds, he removed the needle and put a band-aid over my boo-boo.

So, although Michael knows about things that children shouldn't have to know about. And although he has a vocabulary that would rival a first year medical student, he is still just a little boy at heart. And he amazes us more and more each day. As always, please keep Michael in your thoughts and prayers, JoAnne

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