Thursday, February 28, 2008

Michael had a fun day...

Michael had fun today. He went to daycare this morning and then on to school. He had his picture taken today for the school yearbook since he started school late and wasn't there when they took pictures in the fall. I wet his hair down this morning and it looked very thin and there were a lot of bald spots. Fortunately when it dried, the bald areas weren't very noticeable.

When Michael got off the bus this afternoon, he and I went back to my work for a surprise. My boss's son-in-law is a commercial photographer and was recently in Las Vegas photographing a New Holland trade show. (For those of you that don't know everything there is to know about heavy equipment like everyone in our house does - New Holland makes tractors and construction equipment.) He gathered a whole box of goodies for Michael and they arrived today. There was a neat calender, a hat, some tote bags, an awesome toy bulldozer, a whole box of tractor key chains and some misc stuff. Michael was thrilled! He is going to take the box of key chains to school Monday to share with the other kids.

When we got back home, Michael had some dinner and then Uncle Jeff and his son, Michael, came to pick him up. Then the 3 of them went to a PeeWee wrestling practice. Michael had a great time. (And, Jeff and I got to go on a dinner date for the first time in many, many months.) When Michael got home tonight, he had fun showing Daddy the "moves" he learned. It was pretty funny.

Tomorrow is back to the full chemo regimen. I hope Michael does well with it. My Great Aunt Florie ( a very special lady who is very, very dear to all of us) sent Michael a package last week full of all sorts of goodies. She included a video of "Stuart Little 2". We'll take it with us tomorrow so Michael can watch it during his treatment. I will post again to let everyone know how it goes. Please keep Michael in your thoughts and prayers, JoAnne

P.S. Jenny is coming home this weekend to meet with her wedding party and pick out bridesmaid's dresses. Michael always loves when his sister comes home so he should have a great weekend.

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