Tuesday, February 5, 2008

And now the rest of the story...

I mentioned in my last post we were at a very nice hotel but I didn't give many details. It was a beautiful, brand new hotel and there were only a handful of guests and we think we know why. The hotel was in the middle of nowhere. It was in a small town on Wenchell Road. In this town there is also a Wenchell Drive (which we found first) and Wenchell Lane (which we found second). So after 40 frustrating minutes of driving around, we finally came upon it in the middle of some farmland. There was NOTHING around it (though we did see plans for a theme park being built next door.) But, it was a very nice hotel and it had a pool so we were happy.

Almost immediately after I posted Friday night, things took an unexpected turn. Michael had fallen asleep and Jeff & I were settled in watching TV and having a glass of wine when *poof* - the power went out. We looked out our window to see if it was just the hotel or if everyone around us was without power. There weren't any buildings across the street so we couldn't tell. So I went down to the end of the hall but there was nothing outside those windows either. The other end of the hall was the same way. Now it hits us just how isolated we are.

I met some other guests in the hall and they said it was just our hotel and that the young girl at the front desk didn't know what to do so she had called the manager, who was on her way to the hotel. So we watched out the windows for the next hour waiting for the manager to arrive when we see a car slide off the snow covered road leading to the hotel. We figure this HAS to be the manager. The poor woman gets out of her car and makes the trek down the road, up the driveway and across the parking lot in the cold and blowing snow.

At this point, Jeff turns to me and says "I think I saw a horror movie once that went like this." We both got laughing and made a pact not to open the door to anybody in a hockey mask carrying a chain saw. Then we nervously double checked the lock on the door and waited for the power to come back on. After about 2 hours it did come back on and we enjoyed the rest of our stay. Michael went swimming the next morning after breakfast and then we headed home. We will go to MOST on one of our next trips.

Michael gets anti-nausea medicine for 24 hours after his treatments so he was fine on Saturday. Unfortunately, Sunday wasn't as good of a day. He woke up nauseated and vomiting so we gave him his medicine all day Sunday. Then the same thing happened yesterday and he wasn't up to going to school. He hasn't had much of an appetite all week either.

I'm relieved to say that today is a better day though. He ate breakfast and is now at Robin's house. I will talk to the nurses this Friday and see what they think. The only thing I noticed last Friday was that Syracuse doesn't give as many fluids between the medicines to flush Michael's system. I will ask if that could make a difference. Or perhaps it will just be like this with some good weeks and some bad. I guess time will tell. Keep Michael in your thoughts and prayers, JoAnne

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