Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Okay, back to happy thoughts ...

We had a great family, fall weekend this past weekend that I would like to share with you. We got up Saturday morning and, even though it was raining, we started on a trip to Pixley Falls State Park, which is about an hour away. Jeff and I have visited the waterfall at this park every fall since we started dating.

Unfortunately, before we got too far on Saturday, Michael started throwing up so we came back home to give him some more Zofran. After a while we tried to venture out again. This time we decided to stop at a cider mill closer to home to make sure Michael was feeling better before we got too far.

There is a little gift shop where we bought some fresh cider, some squeaky cheese curd and some hot cider donuts.

There is also a pretty waterfall behind the cider mill that we checked out. Then we decided Michael was over his bout of nausea and continued on with our trip. Mother Nature didn't disappoint us with her beautiful foliage.

The hike down to the waterfall at Pixley Falls was beautiful.

How is this for a fashion statement? This is the outfit Michael picked out himself so that he could play in the water.

And he had fun doing just that.

We spent about an hour enjoying the surroundings.

And, since Michael is getting bigger, we explored a little further than ususal this year.

We checked out one of the smaller falls off to the side.

It was a great day. When we got back home, Michael went to his first birthday party. He was reserved at first but after a while he warmed up and had a good time with all of the other kids.

Michael has been asking to go fishing for some time (he has never been). Earlier in the week, we told him that if he did better in school and finished all of his work, he and Daddy would go fishing on Sunday.

And that is what they did.

Unfortunately, they didn't catch anything this time.

But I don't think Michael minded. Hopefully they will have better luck next time. Please keep Michael in your thoughts and prayers, JoAnne.


Lisa said...

What a beautiful location you live!!! I am so jealous that you are enjoying fresh cider, they look at me like I have three heads when I mention it here. Cider donuts? Please tell me they are as delicious as they sound...yumm...
Those photos of Michael are super, but the one of him and I assume his father is quite possibly THE BEST. They both look so happy and obviously share a never ending love. Your family is amazing and inspires me every single day.

Treasure all these great moments to reflect on during the not so great ones. You are a terrific mom and your family is lucky to have you in their lives!!!

JuJu and Family said...

What is squeeky cheese curd? Unfortunately, sometimes us Californians can be unintentionally out of the loop. Thanks and those pictures are so beautiful. What a goreous area you live in.