Tuesday, September 30, 2008

What an aggravating day...

I have been really sore all day (but I know I will be fine in a couple of days). But, I am happy to say that Michael doesn't seem to be suffering any side effects from our accident. He had another great day at school and I think he had a good time telling anyone that would listen about his little adventure last night.

Our body shop guy looked at our car and said there is a LOT of damage. It will be up to the insurance adjuster whether they fix it or total it and he is supposed to call us tomorrow. We are really hoping they agree to fix it.

We called the other guy's insurance company (or at least who he said was his insurance company) and, after about an hour, they decided they had never heard of him or his car. So, we found out who the DMV thought was his insurance company (some company we never heard of in California) and their number was disconnected. By now we figured he probably doesn't have insurance of any kind. So our next step was to call the home phone number he gave the police to see if we can get some answers. Only problem was it wasn't his number (or address for that matter) but that of his mother who hasn't seen him for months.

After Jeff explained why we were looking for her son, she was very sympathetic and offered to help any way she could. She called her other son who tracked down his brother's insurance agent and got the policy name and number for us. We are grateful for their help - they could have just washed their hands of the whole situation but they didn't. And now the claim has been filed, we have a rental car and hopefully our car will be fixed soon. I will keep you posted, JoAnne.

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Lisa said...

You are bound to be sore for a few days after that ordeal. Treat yourself to a long soak in the tub and take care of yourself. Too bad about the car for sure, hope it turns out ok.