Monday, September 29, 2008

If it wasn't for bad luck...

We had a wonderful weekend and I was going to share all of the details with you but something happened tonight and our fun will have to wait.

Michael and I met Brian for dinner tonight and after we left him, we went to the drugstore to pick up some prescriptions. As we were leaving, we stopped at the red light by the pharmacy. When it turned green, we went straight through the intersection. There was a car across from me waiting to turn left. Unfortunately, he didn't yield the right of way to me and I T-boned the passenger side of his car when he turned in front of me.

The good news is Michael and I are both fine. I was worried about Michael's port (with the seat belt) but it appears to be fine. My neck and shoulder are sore from my seat belt, but I will be fine.

The people in the other car are fine also. At first, they were saying they were hurt but the police said they were fine and were just trying to get sympathy since:

1. The driver was driving with a restricted license from a previous DWI...
2. He was at fault for failing to yield the right of way and ...
3. They had had a "few" drinks before getting in their car and driving.

Michael was shaken up a bit and asked the policeman, "What the hell is Daddy going to say?" But then he got distracted when he found out the ambulance driver that showed up was the same one that transported him to Rochester in the middle of the night over a year ago (she remembered our little buddy).

And although all of the people are fine, the same can't be said for our car...

Our poor car!!

This is mine and Jeff's all-time favorite car and now it might be totaled. The firemen pulled the front end back out enough and checked the brakes and steering so that I could drive it home. We have to go to the police station in the morning to get a copy of the police report. Then we will call the insurance company and our body shop to find out the extent of the damage. I will keep you posted.

And, tomorrow I will tell you all about a trip to the cider mill, a waterfall and Michael's first fishing trip. And maybe you better keep us ALL in your thoughts and prayers, JoAnne.


Anonymous said...

That's really "good luck" since you and the little guy are OK!!
I know the car damage is a nusance, but that can be fixed one way or the other......Chin up kiddo, you can do this........San

Lisa said...

Oh my gosh, you can't win! This must have been very frightening for you and Michael, but the important part is you are both ok. Cars can be fixed.