Thursday, October 9, 2008

No chemo this week...

Michael's class is going apple picking tomorrow and we didn't want him to miss it so we made his chemo appointment on Thursday instead of Friday this week. He and I went today but chemo was a "no go". Dr. Kennedy said Michael's white blood count was good but that his platelets were too low to receive treatment. And, he also has a sinus infection. He has had a continuously running nose since before he was in the hospital last month. Dr. Kennedy thinks Michael's sinuses just finally became infected after being full for so long. Michael did get to paint a pumpkin while we were waiting for his blood work to come back, so the trip wasn't a total loss.

I have a confession to make - Michael has been complaining of his nose hurting and a stabbing pain above his right eye for the last couple of days. If you remember his nose and right temple are where this whole journey started. I have been working myself into a state thinking the pains were a problem with the tumor. So, Dr. Kennedy made my day when she said Michael had a sinus infection. (And I bet there aren't too many mothers that you will hear make that statement!)

This is week #4 so Michael now has a 2 week break from chemo. But on Tuesday night, we will be traveling to Rochester for a couple of days for Michael's next MRI and visit with Dr. Korones. I have another of confession to make - I am starting to get PMS (that's pre-MRI syndrome). We got such great news last time, I am afraid that we will be let down this time. Let's just hope that I am worrying for nothing. Please say an extra prayer for Michael next week, JoAnne.

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Lisa said...

I will be thinking of you and know it has to be good news. You have to be due for a bit of good news now. Have a great weekend, drink some cider for me!