Saturday, October 4, 2008

Just a quick update ...

Yesterday Michael and Daddy went to chemo alone while I stayed at work and it went well. The only hitch was that the nurses couldn't get a blood from Michael's port so they had to draw blood from his finger. (But, he was able to receive his meds through his port.) Apparently, he wasn't bashful about telling the nurses that his regular nurse, Jen, never has a problem. Michael was sick during the night but didn't protest taking his medicine because he knew we were going apple picking today and he didn't want to miss it. And with his Zofran, he was fine.

Michael is also doing much better in school. He is bringing home awesome papers that are completely done and done well. I don't know if he is doing any better socially but all he talked about all weekend was how he asked one of the little girls in his class, Kaitlyn, to marry him. I think this was in response to the fact that his favorite nurse, Jen, got married today. (Congratulations Jen & Todd. We were thinking of you today and hope you had a perfect day.) Kaitlyn must be Michael's first rebound relationship. We asked him what she said but he doesn't remember.

Jenny and Ralph are home for the weekend. As I said, we went apple picking today. We had fun even though it rained while we were there. Jeff and Michael are going fishing again tomorrow. This time they are going up on the river and I am going to go for a ride with them. There are two little shops I like to visit so I will go check them out while the guys fish.

Jenny took a bunch of pictures today that I will share with you soon. Please keep Michael in your thoughts and prayers, JoAnne.

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JuJu and Family said...

Hi there, I almost feel speechless. What would I say to someone who has to carry this burden, but does it with grace? I'll put you and your family in my prayers. Your situation is fairly close to my familys. My mom's brother had a brain tumor, they think from infancy. Thank God that medicine has excelled and I pray for the best for Michael. Meanwhile it looks like you are trying to give him the best quality of life. God Bless you!!!