Friday, June 27, 2008

We were good to go today...

We made the trip to Syracuse this morning. We didn't have Michael's blood checked at home this week because if his counts were still wacky, we wanted the doctors to check him over good anyway. Fortunately, all of his counts were perfect and he was able to receive his treatment and his monthly antibiotic. Everything went well. I think everyone was happy to see Michael and I know he was happy to see them.

Last night, at Michael's last t-ball game, he collided with one of the kids from the other team as Michael was running to catch the ball and the other kid was running to second base. We heard the collision all the way across the field and they both fell to the ground like stones. Michael was laying on the ground crying, so Jeff went out on the field to check on him. He brought him back to the bleachers and we could tell right away that Michael was already starting to develop a nasty bruise on his knee and a fat lip. He rested for a couple of minutes and then went back to finish the game.

When we got home, Michael asked me to take a picture of his knee so that if it healed overnight, he could still show the staff in Syracuse his latest battle wound. As each of the doctors and nurses greeted Michael today, he recounted the details of his adventure and showed them each his bruise. The phrase "plastic bubble" came up numerous times and Michael laughed each time.

We were a little sad today - one of Michael's regular nurses, Aileen, is retiring Tuesday so today was our last time visiting with her. She said if she is ever up this way (heading to Canada) she would stop and see us and I hope she does.

Here are a last couple of pictures from Michael's first t-ball season:

Hitting the ball - he has been practising with Daddy and got a couple of really good hits this past week.

Here he is rounding the bases and heading for third.

Michael informed us last night that now that t-ball is over, he would now like to try basketball !! I didn't have the heart to tell him it is the wrong season. Swimming lessons start back up soon, so I think he will be happy with that.

Our little buddy is resting now. Let's hope the Zofran keeps him from getting sick. Please keep Michael in your thoughts and prayers. JoAnne

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