Thursday, June 26, 2008

Graduation pictures (finally)...

I'm sorry I didn't post the graduation pictures Tuesday night as promised but it has been a rough week around here. We thought we were going to lose Chance and it was breaking all of our hearts. She has been having problems with one of her back legs for a while. A month ago, the vet said it was torn ligaments and gave us some medicine. We gave it to her faithfully but she seemed to get worse instead of better.

Tuesday night, Chance was outside with Michael and I when suddenly she couldn't stand up. We tried for a while to get her up and finally had to call our neighbor and his son to carry her in the house for us (Jeff was at work). She stayed where they laid her for the whole night. It was the first night in her life that she didn't sleep in our bedroom on her doggie bed.

The next morning Jeff took her to the vet and we were sure she wouldn't be coming home. Michael and I cried while they were gone until Jeff called and gave us the cautiously optimistic news - they saw a different vet and she gave a different diagnosis.

The doctor said it is actually nerve damage in her spine and it is causing something similar to paralysis. This diagnosis makes more sense to us because we never thought Chance was in pain or suffering like she would with ligament damage. And it turns out that she's not - she is numb. The vet gave us some medicine and said if Chance was going to get better, we would see improvement in 2 days. I 'm thrilled to say that by this morning she could stand and walk with a limp. She still isn't 100% but at least now we have some hope and some more precious time with her.

And now - without further ado: Our favorite Pre-K Class of 2008 !!

First, the class delighted the audience with a couple songs complete with hand gestures.

Then they waited patiently for their turn to walk up to the podium to receive their diploma.

Here is Michael receiving his diploma from the school principal, Mr. O'Donnell.

And here is Michael with 2 ladies he is surely going to miss, his teacher, Mrs. Adams (left) and the classroom aide, Mrs. Littlefield (right).

It was a wonderful ceremony and I am sure Michael will keep wonderful memories of his first year of school tucked in his heart always.

Keep your fingers crossed that Michael can receive chemo tomorrow. JoAnne

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Anonymous said...

Hi Michael,

My name is Sheryl Clark and I worked with your Mom and Dad at Teal's Express. I now live in Las Vegas, Nevada.

Congradulations on your graduation, I enjoyed seeing your pictures. Hope you have a very good summer and I am keeping up with your progess on your Care Page.

Have your Mom e-mail me at I would love to hear from her if she has the time. By the sounds, she's a pretty busy lady.

You're in my thoughts and prayers.

Your Friend Too,