Monday, March 9, 2009

We're breathing a sigh of relief...

Last week, Michael came down with a cold and has been fighting a fever since Thursday evening. And since his counts from the last chemo treatment were 550, that meant if he fever went above 100.4, we had to discuss him being admitted to the hospital. Fortunately, his temperature went as high as 100.4 but no higher. And since yesterday, his temperature has been normal. Phew! But, judging by the little bruises all over his body, I have to say that his counts are probably still very low.

Michael's appetite has been terrible also. He is complaining that things taste funny to him and is even turning away from his favorite foods. He lived on grapes, bread and butter and cranberry juice for most of the weekend. And he insisted on taking bread and butter instead of a sandwich in his school lunch today. I am happy to report that he ate a great dinner tonight so I am hoping that we are over that hurdle also. He has lost over 2 pounds that we now have to work on putting back on.

Michael went back to school today (I kept him home Friday) and had a great day. When I picked him up from the after school program, he took me to his classroom to show me that he had won a weekly award from the Physical Education teacher. I am so proud of him! In spite of fighting a brain tumor and enduring chemo, his attitude in gym class was awesome enough for the teacher to recognize him. I will share a picture of the award if he gets to bring it home.

Please keep Michael in your thoughts and prayers, JoAnne.


Lisa said...

Oh my, sounds like it has been a rough go this time. Hope his appetite continues to improve. He deserves the award for sure, I bet he was very proud. Take care of yourself as well girl!

Susie from Bienvenue said...

Way to go Michael on that award! Cant wait to see your pictures too. Glad your feeling ~