Wednesday, March 4, 2009

A heavenly email from Michael...

We went to the school tonight to sign Michael up for t-ball this summer and on the way home Michael noticed a very bright star. He decided that this star was actually God and that my Mom and Chance were with him looking down on us. He blew 2 kisses to the star - one for Mom and one for Chance - and then asked me if we could send an email to God. I told him we would give it a try and here is what he has to say: (I'll wait while you get some tissues)

To: God

From: Michael

Dear God,

Please say hello to Chance and tell her I love her and miss her very much. And please say hello to my Mom's mom for her and tell her she loves her and misses her, too.

Love, Michael.

Please keep Michael in your thoughts and prayers, JoAnne.

P.S. When Michael started to get a fever last weekend we were afraid he might have to be admitted to the hospital (because his counts are so low). We decided that would have been a more complicated trip if we had a puppy to worry about so we have decided to wait until the end of chemo to bring a new friend home.

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