Sunday, February 22, 2009

Today was a little bit better day ...

Michael had another restless night last night. He tossed and turned but when I asked him if his belly hurt, he said no. I think he was afraid to admit to the pain since he thought he would have to go back to the hospital. But at least the pain wasn't anywhere near the level it was yesterday morning. The good news is that he hasn't thrown up since before he fell asleep last night.

He also started out kind of slow this morning but picked up a little speed as the day went on. He laid in bed watching cartoons and sipping on cranberry juice as his day began. By late morning, he was hungry for french toast and had ventured out to the living room. We kept him as quiet as we could for most of the day but by late afternoon, it wasn't easy. And, his appetite was down but at least he ate and drank some today.

He is now laying in bed but is again restless and can't seem to fall asleep (he is usually asleep by 8 pm at the latest). He's still very pale. Tomorrow is his first day back to school after last week's vacation. It is also the 100th Day of School Celebration which he has been looking forward to. Let's hope he feels well enough to stay all day and participate. Please keep Michael in your thoughts and prayers, JoAnne.

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