Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Catching up a little...

I know I didn't post last week like I should have but I have a good excuse. Since we saw that last MRI and we know that the end of chemo is in sight - Michael's tumor is not the only thing on our minds for the first time in a long time. We actually feel like a horrible weight has been lifted from our shoulders and life has begun again. The 800 pound gorilla that has been sitting in the corner of our home has moved out!

We did start Michael's second to last round of chemo last Thursday and everything went great. We had to reschedule from Friday to Thursday because of Michael's busy social calendar! And since school was cancelled on Thursday due to the funeral of a former administrator, he didn't have to miss school.

Friday was the annual sledding party at school which Michael missed last year because of chemo (and he has reminded me often that he missed it). Then after school, he had a "soccer" birthday party at the YMCA for one of his friends. On the way home from the "Y", he told us that it was "a great day". Then later, he was laying on the floor with Chance and he was smiling.

Jeff said, "You look happy, buddy."

And Michael responded, "I am happy, Dad." I thought my heart was going to burst with joy.

Michael went through an angry period a few months back but seems to be over that. Even his teacher commented on how happy he seems now. And of course he is looking forward to the end of chemo. Every morning he asks me how many more treatments he has left - and after last week it is 7.

Since our good report a couple of weeks ago, it has been easier to think of life beyond chemo. We even booked a house on one of the beaches in Cape Cod for a week in July! We are going to sit on the beach and play in the surf and sand for a week and do nothing but have fun.

Michael's chemo is on Thursday again this week due to the Valentine's Day party at school on Friday. He's excited and counting the days. He bought a box of Transformer valentines for the boys in his class and a box of Disney Princess valentines for the girls.

I am happy to report that Michael hasn't been sick once since his treatment last Thursday (and that's a first). Let's hope he feels as well this week. Please keep Michael in your thoughts and prayers, JoAnne.

P.S. Michael brought his 2nd quarter report card home last week and Daddy & I are very proud of him. He got the highest mark in every category except "cuts accurately" and "traces patterns correctly" where he was marked "shows improvement". His teacher commented "Michael seems much happier and seems to be enjoying himself more. It's great to see! He has mastered 23 sight words! Great job!" In fact, when Michael and I were reading his bedtime story last night, he said "Let me read it to you, Mama." And he did.

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