Tuesday, January 20, 2009

We're here again...

We've made the journey to Rochester, have gone for a swim and are now settled into our room for the night. We have to be at the hospital tomorrow at 1pm and Michael's MRI is at 2pm. That is not good news since Michael can't eat anything after midnight tonight. He is having a little snack right now and hopefully he won't be too hungry while waiting tomorrow.

We won't get the results of the MRI until Thursday around 1pm but I will post again tomorrow night to let everyone know how the day went. Please keep Michael in your thoughts and prayers, JoAnne.


Jen Reed said...

Hi Guys!

I'm thinking of you and praying for the best! See you soon.
"Nurse" Jen

Susie Harris said...

Hi there! Sorry I have been kind of quiet these last few post. I have been keeping up though and praying. Im praying for a good report and for his tummy not to be too hungry, smile.