Wednesday, January 16, 2008

There's been a change in plans...

I called the hospital this afternoon (as directed) to see what time we had to be there in the morning. They said Michael was scheduled to arrive Friday, not tomorrow. So, I called Dr. Korones' office and they told me they scheduled everything for Friday and forgot to tell us. (This is a really good thing!)

Michael will have his port implanted in the morning and then he is "on call" for the MRI. He will also have his first chemo treatment sometime in the afternoon and then hopefully we will come home that night. Since he can't eat before either his surgery or MRI, hopefully this means he will be scheduled early in the morning and maybe they will do the procedures back to back so he doesn't have to be sedated twice.

There was a call from Boston on our answering machine on Friday night. The woman that called said Michael's records didn't make it into their conference on last Thursday, but will be included this week. I haven't had a chance to talk to her since I had my surgery first thing Monday and haven't been able to talk well since. (My surgery went well.) I should be able to talk coherently by tomorrow, so I will give her a call.

Those of you that don't live around us may not know, last Wednesday we had a terrible windstorm here. There were wind gusts up to 85 mph. It was incredible. As you can imagine, there is a lot of damage in the area to trees, roofs, power lines, etc. Tractor trailers were even being blown off the road. Jeff said the next day, his ride to work looked like a war zone.

On a more personal note, that morning we heard a large BANG at our house. When we looked outside we expected to see part of the roof or siding laying on the ground but fortunately we were wrong. Unfortunately, Michael's wooden playset wasn't so lucky (pictured above on a better day). It was laying on it's side (pictured below) which is pretty amazing since it came in 4 boxes that weighed a couple of hundred pounds each. Michael was heartbroken!! This is the playset we were in the middle of building when Michael was hospitalized and diagnosed with his brain tumor. He was able to play on it for a couple of weeks but then hasn't been able to since his surgery, so it is still brand new to him.

Jeff & I went out and unhooked the slide and tunnel to try to prevent anymore damage. After I went to work, Jeff used his tractor to stand the main structure upright. Then over the weekend we bought some new cedar and Jeff replaced the boards that were broken.

On Monday night, Uncle Jeff (our friend, neighbor and Michael's godfather) came over and helped Jeff put the roof back on and reattach the tunnel. And they did it in the dark. In mud up to their knees. The good news is that the playset is almost as good as new.

Notice Supervisor Michael overseeing the project in the photo above with his very own hardhat. (And for anybody that wasn't aware- you can click on any picture on this blog and it should enlarge them so you can see them better.)

If you would like, check the post I did after Christmas, I have added a picture of Michael on Christmas morning. I will post again when we get to Rochester and update everybody on how things are going. As always, please keep Michael in your thoughts and prayers. JoAnne

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