Friday, January 25, 2008

The end of treatment number two...

Well, we just made it home from out latest trek to Rochester. Michael's blood tests and treatment took 6 hours on top of a stressful ride down and back. We hit heavy snow on the way down and a lot of blowing and drifting on the way home. It was a long day but everything went very well. And so far Michael isn't feeling any side effects.

They added 2 new anti-nausea medicines to the one he was already taking, so hopefully this week will be better than last week. They also "dripped" his Vincristine instead of "pushing" it so hopefully that will help with the terrible jaw and throat pain. Apparently, chemo drugs are easier to handle when they are administered slowly. The nurses had no problem accessing Michael's port and it worked perfectly. They couldn't believe that Michael wasn't apprehensive about them poking him with a pretty scary looking needle and didn't even flinch.

Michael enjoyed playing with all the toys they had in the treatment room. He also sat and made a Valentine decoration with a couple of other kids that were there for treatment. Next, he made me my own hospital bracelet that said "Mom" so I could be like him. Then he sat with me to watch a movie and promptly fell asleep. (They had given him some medicine to make him sleepy since they believe sleeping also helps the body adjust to chemo.) I did learn today that I need to pack a Treatment Day Bag with snacks, a favorite blanket and a few other misc items. It never fails to amaze Jeff & I what a great little boy we have.

As I am typing this, Michael and Daddy are pitching a tent in the living room to have a sleepover they have been planning all week. But, considering Michael took a 2 hour nap at the hospital and slept for the 3+ hour ride home, I am not sure how much sleeping he will be doing! I hope he does though since Jeff worked last night and we left as soon as he got home this morning. So, he is going on 36 sleepless hours with only a couple of cat naps.

Keep your fingers crossed that the nurses' attempts to make Michael more comfortable work. I will post in a couple of days and let everyone know how he is doing. Keep Michael in your thoughts and prayers, JoAnne

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