Sunday, January 20, 2008

Some good news and some bad news...

First the good news: Dr. Korones called this afternoon and said Michael's latest MRI looks positive. There is no change from the November MRI (and that is the official report from the radiologist). He interprets that to mean that the tumor is not "acting aggressively". That is good news!!

Now the bad news: Michael is having a terrible time with the chemo. We've had a challenge the last couple of days getting him to eat. He says his jaw hurts too much. (Jaw pain is one of the possible side effects of Vincristine.) And unfortunately what he has eaten and drank, he hasn't really kept down. We thought that the anti-nausea medicine had worked today but he was terribly ill again this evening. He was very sad and just wanted to know when he would feel better. I wish I had an answer for him. It is a shame that the cure for the illness that started as frequent vomiting has come back to that. I spoke to Dr. Korones about the side effects Michael is experiencing and he was surprised. He thought maybe part of the side effects was from the anesthesia and surgery. Let's hope so and pray that our little guy starts to feel better real soon. JoAnne

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