Tuesday, November 4, 2008

A little overdue update...

Things have been busy but pretty uneventful since my last post. Michael had his scheduled two week break from chemo since our trip to Rochester. Our most recent trip to Syracuse was on Thursday last week so that Michael wouldn't miss the Halloween parties at school on Friday.

He and I made Halloween cupcakes to take to the hospital staff and Michael took his costume to show everyone. They gave Michael a gift bag with a pillow shaped like a spider (which he loves), some candy and a little thermos. They told us the pillows were made and the bags were assembled by a local Girl Scout troop.

When Dr. Kennedy looked at the slide of Michael's blood, she could tell that his platelets were still low but slightly higher than 2 weeks ago. She decided that if that was confirmed by the lab, she would give Michael chemo anyway. And although the lab did agree with Dr. Kennedy on the platelets, they showed that Michael was also Neutropenic (his ANC was only 800) so she decided to give Michael another week off. She thinks Michael is STILL fighting some sort of viral infection (he has had a runny nose since August). Hopefully his counts will be up this Friday and we can get back on track.

About the only excitement that we have had is this....

The beginning of last week, Mother Nature dumped about 16 inches of snow on us.

But since Michael loves playing in the snow, he couldn't have been happier!

Fortunately, it warmed up considerably and all the snow melted before we went Trick or Treating on Friday night. Michael dressed up as a bat and had a ton of fun. (I guess that is the silver lining to not receiving chemo - he felt great for all of the Halloween festivities.) I will post a picture of Michael in his costume tomorrow. He fell in a huge mud puddle as he was getting in the car to come home so I had to wash his costume and haven't gotten a good picture of him. I usually take a picture before we leave the house but we picked him up from an after school Halloween party, grabbed a burger and went straight to Trick or Treating.

But I do have a picture of our tuckered out little boy as we were arriving home...

Until tomorrow, please keep Michael in your thoughts and prayers, JoAnne

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Lisa said...

I was beginning to worry, glad to know things are ok. wow, I was whining about a little snow and you got all this! Looks like he is content little man after all the fun.