Sunday, November 30, 2008

Catching up - Part I ...

It has been a while since I posted, so I have a little catching up to do. Michael and I went to chemo a week ago Friday. The ride to Syracuse was an easy one. When we first started out, we passed a tractor trailer with Canadian license plates. I told Michael that I bet he had just talked to Daddy (Jeff works for US Customs and was at work that morning.) So for the rest of the trip we had to check out the trucks to see which ones had just seen Daddy and there were actually quite a few of them. Michael also sang his entire repertoire of 3 Christmas carols all the way down (note to self: teach Michael some new Christmas carols).

It was pretty quiet when we got to treatment so we spent some time coloring with Britney (the child life specialist). I was thinking about how when we first started treatment, we didn't know any of the people that work in Unit 5C. We must have had the look of a deer caught in headlights our first time in the unit. I recognize that look some of the parents that are there now. I can easily tell the ones that are new or just there for a one time visit.

Michael's treatment went well. But the ride home was a nightmare. It was snowing when we left Syracuse and for the first 30 miles or so, we traveled 15-30 mph in whiteouts. Fortunately, it cleared up for a little while before turning to ice closer to home. Our normal one hour drive took almost two hours. But we made it home safely. (We saw a couple of bad accidents along the way.) It's going to be a LONG winter!

Michael didn't have any allergic reactions to the Carboplatin but I have to say he is experiencing the side effects of chemo a lot worse and for a lot longer this time around. He is sick right through the weekends now.

And he sleeps a lot. Jeff was working midnights this past week so he would take a nap after dinner before going to work. He would lay down around 6 pm and Michael would lay down with him and sleep straight through until morning.

Michael woke up vomitting Saturday morning but felt better as the day wore on so we thought we were out of the woods - but we weren't. On Sunday morning, we headed back to Syracuse to go to the semi-annual Build-A-Party for the kids of 5C. Michael was fine when we got up and left the house but got sick before we got to the mall. The storm seemed to pass and we made our way to the party.

Michael picked out a scruffy dog, who he named Ruff...

... who he stuffed with Hugs & Kisses, Love, Kindness, Friendship and a special little heart ...

... then he gave him "airbath"...

... and his new best friend was finished.

This is Michael with Ruff and Britney (5C child life specialist).

Then we visited the food court to fill up Michael's empty belly and to take a spin on the carousel before heading home. The ride home was tense with Michael throwing up all the way but we eventually made it home. He spent the rest of the day doing quiet things and was feeling better by Monday morning.

Over the next couple of days, I will share with you Michael's first report card of Kindergarten, our Thanksgiving and this week's chemo. Please keep Michael in your thoughts and prayers, JoAnne.

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Lisa said...

Poor kid is having a tough time with all this, and I feel for you too. I think his new best friend is simply wonderful and sure to add a few smiles to his little face. Hang in there and be safe!