Thursday, August 28, 2008

We're still in the hospital...

This morning we thought we were going home but, unfortunately, it's almost bedtime and we are still here. Michael's counts were 500 yesterday (up from 400 the day before). And, he hadn't had a fever in over 24 hours so this morning they said we could go home if his counts were still good. We got psyched and waited for his bloodwork to come back but we got bad news. Michael's counts have dropped to 320 so we are here until at least tomorrow morning.

The other news is when we go home, Michael will still have an IV infusion for another 10 days. There will be a company that will come to the house to show us what to do. The doctor says Michael can still go to school next week so keep your fingers crossed.

I will update again tomorrow. Please keep Michael in your thoughts and prayers, JoAnne.

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