Sunday, August 24, 2008

Come with us to Legoland...

Michael has is still fighting whatever mysterious virus he has had for the last couple of days. His fever has been spiking and receding all weekend. Let's hope he gets over this very soon. While we wait for our little boy to mend, we'll continue our California adventure with a visit to Legoland.

You are fortunate that by the time you scroll down this page a little ways, you will be transported to Legoland. For us, a 45 minute drive took five and a half hours. It seems there was a three car accident that caused a four acre brush fire that turned I-5 into a parking lot for most of the day. We discussed turning around and trying Legoland on Friday, but we couldn't even get to an exit to turn around. So, we kept going and finally arrived around 2pm and we were all cranky and hungry. So, we headed to the nearest food vendor inside the park and grabbed some lunch. Then we began our day of fun.

The first area we came to was Explore Village. The rides in this area were pretty tame and geared for the younger crowd. You would think that this would be the part of the park that would be perfect for Michael but you would be wrong (as you will see).

So we moved along to Fun Town. In this part of the park, they had a Fire Academy that was a big hit with our crew.

There were 4 fire trucks in a row, each manned by a different, 4 person team. Our team was Daddy, Jenny, Brian and Michael. They raced the other teams to the "fire" by manually pumping their trucks. Then each team jumped off their trucks and manned their fire hoses. Again, they manually pumped the water and tried to hit the fire targets in the building in front of them. (You can see Jeff and Brian above doing the pumping while Jenny and Michael aimed the fire hoses.) The first team to put our their pretend fire, won. And although our gang gave it all and had fun, unfortunately they didn't win.

So, we went on a little spin... a helicopter... an airplane...

...and in a little boat.

I think that smile says it all!

After we finished visiting all of the attractions in Fun Town, we moved on to Pirates Shores. This part of the park was a blast...

...and WET!!

There was an attraction that was full of water - you could run under it, through it and ... could even spray it at the people watching dryly from the sidelines.

Even the rides were designed around water...

...and the spectators here got wet, too.

Michael stopped to play a carnival game and won a pirate duck (who is now added to the menagerie that sleeps with him every night.)

On our way to Castle Hill, the kids took a ride on a swinging pirate ship.

This is when we started to realize Michael liked the more adventurous rides.

In this part of the park, there were a couple of roller coasters...

...a dragon or two (this one is made entirely out of Legos)...

...and some wild rides. This ride was like nothing I had ever seen before. It took the riders and flipped them back and forth, to and fro, upside-down and right side-up - and Michael loved it! Before you got on the ride, you picked the intensity level you wanted (between 1 and 5). Michael and Brian did level 1 so they weren't tossed around as much as some of the other riders.

Next, Michael mounted up and...

...and participated in a little jousting (again, this knight is made entirely of Legos) .

And, Sir Michael had a ball.

Then, we made our way around to the Land of Adventure. As I am sure you can tell by now, there were a lot of awesome Lego creations throughout the park.

There were lots of fun rides in this section, too. But none of them thrilled Michael as much as...


Well, I have a little bit more of Legoland to share with you, but it is storming pretty good here and our internet connection keeps fading in and out. So I think I will end for now and pick up here next time when we will finish Legoland and then head for the beach.

Please keep Michael in your thoughts and prayers, JoAnne

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