Saturday, April 26, 2008

We're one week closer to the end of treatments...

Chemo went very well yesterday. All of the kids visiting the unit this week got a fireman's hat. The picture to the left is Michael waiting to see Dr. Kennedy. He loves playing with the abacus that are in all the rooms. There is also a writing board and some books in each exam room to occupy the kids. And yesterday, there were plenty of Girl Scout cookies to snack on.

In addition to the usual chemo drugs, Michael received his maintenance antibiotic also. If you remember, that is the drug that turned him into a wild man last month. Last time he received the antibiotic first and it wound him all up. This time he received it near the end of his treatment, after he had received his Benadryl and had fallen asleep. That seemed to make a difference.

I also warned Michael's nurse, Sharyl, since she was on vacation the last time he had that drug. She couldn't beleive that her "sweet baby" would ever do anything like that. (Oh - if she only knew!) He had a little trouble falling asleep last night but Dr. Kennedy had told us to give him some Benadryl and that seemed to help. And, as you can see, Michael was not the only one that was wiped out. Jeff is working midnights this week so he hadn't gotten any sleep before we left for Syracuse.

For those of you that I worried with my last post, rest assured I am doing better. It was a very overwhelming day. When we go to visit the oncologists, surgeons or radiologists, we are prepared for the possibility of bad news. When we went to see the neurologist Tuesday, I thought it was going to a routine visit so I wasn't prepared for any negative information. I find it easier to deal with things that I can "fix" or "control'. And, when Dr, Wang said that the seizures and neurological problems may not be related to the tumor, it was overwhelming. But, I have had time to digest it and put it in perspective and am doing much better now. Please keep Michael in your thoughts and prayers, JoAnne

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