Monday, April 21, 2008

Michael's climbing a tree because that's what Michaels do best...

Our weather has improved dramatically since last week. A week ago Sunday I awoke to a light blanket of snow covering our deck . This Sunday, our 85 degree day broke records for high temperatures in our area. I think we skipped spring and went straight to summer.

Michael enjoyed the beautiful sunshine immensely. Sunday, we had breakfast on our deck with my Dad, Jenny and Brian (Jeff had to work). We had nice conversation and then the 3 kids flew a kite and played in the yard. (It doesn't matter that the 2 oldest aren't "kids" anymore - they are when they are around their little brother.) Michael started climbing a tree and when I asked him what he was doing, he said "I'm climbing a tree because climbing trees is what Michaels do best" (borrowing a line from Tigger).

Today Michael stayed home with Jenny while Mommy and Daddy went to work. They ran some errands together and then went to the zoo and playground together. On the way home, they stopped at the party store to buy decorations for Michael's birthday party in a couple of weeks. I am sure it will come as no surprise when I tell you that we will be having a Tigger and Pooh party for Michael's 5th birthday.

Michael's appetite has been down this week but at least he hasn't had a lot of nausea. We have to make a trip to Rochester tomorrow for a checkup with Michael's neurologist. His appointment is late in the afternoon, but I will post and let everyone know how things went as soon as I can. Please keep Michael in your thoughts and prayers, JoAnne

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