Friday, December 28, 2007

We had a very nice Christmas...

Christmas 2007 turned out to be a very nice, but quiet, holiday. Jenny and Ralph were home for a couple of days. Jenny made our big dinner (which we had on Christmas Eve since Jeff had to work Christmas Day). Everything was delicious. My Dad and Jeff's Mom came for dinner and Jeff's Dad drove through some pretty heavy snow from Rochester to spend the day with us. Brian had to work Christmas Eve but had breakfast with Dad, Jenny, Ralph Michael & I Christmas morning.

Michael had a wonderful Christmas. He just loved opening presents! When asked what his favorite present is, he says "all of them". He got some Lego's that make construction trucks and they seem to be his favorite so far. His Thomas the Train stuff seems to be a close second.

Big brother Brian has finally flown from the nest. Today he moved into a 4 bedroom house with 3 of his friends. He seems really happy and ironically, I think I have talked to him more since he moved out then when he lived at home!!

The question of looking into St. Jude's Hospital for Michael keeps coming up from family and friends so I thought I would comment on it here. I actually did research it right after Michael was diagnosed and he isn't eligible to go there at this time (which is a good thing). In order to be accepted to St. Jude's: 1.) you have to have had already received treatment that didn't work and 2.) they have to be doing a study at the time of the type of tumor that you have. While my research shows that they were doing trials on tumors with Michael's traits, he hasn't had any failed treatment regimens. So, hopefully he will never be eligible to go to St. Jude's!! It is a little comforting to know though that a place like that exists (just in case). They definitely work miracles.

If you had signed up for email updates when we first started this site and have stopped receiving updates, you need to sign up again. Apparently the feed we were using before was bought out by another company and is no longer working. I will post again after we go to Rochester next week. As always, in the meantime, please keep Michael in your thoughts and prayers. JoAnne

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